Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Little Loves....

Or Personal Favorites?....favorite things maybe? Well, I am sure you get the gist.
Do you have some little things that you just love to have or love when they happen to you or around you? Like when doors are opened for you? The occasional foot rub here and there? Presents just because...

You see, it turns out I have a veeeeeeery long list of the opposite of these little loves which i talked about HERE and now I want to talk about the little things or gestures that make me really happy. That make me feel oh so loved and sometimes even make me well up (nah, too tough to cry mhen) let me see, first up is having y'all blog visitors. I feel so blessed that I have all of you visiting this blog and commenting. I have made a few friends here and I am so grateful to you all.  Please keep coming and reach out to me whenever you want.

Next up, I love receiving presents. Especially when they come for no reason whatsoever (Thank you Monsura for yesterday).
  • Clouds. I love clouds and I can not say why.Cotton candy (I think this is because I love clouds)
  • Smell of babies (sans puke and poo).
  • Hot baths.
  • Forehead kisses from the Fave.
  • Finding money in my pockets.
  • The Fave's smile.
  • Giving hugs (especially to someone who needs it).
  • Getting hugs (all the time).
  • Polite people.
  • Cake!
  • Meat (fried, grilled, boiled, dried, just make it edible)
  • Nutella!

  • Road trips with the Fave
  • I love feeling loved.
  • Google!
  • Unexpected credit alerts!
  • The joy of taking off my bra at the end of the day.
  • I love driving with the music really loud....only when i am by myself.
  • I love to snuggle.
  • Yabbing my best friends gives me joy
  • I love when "Idris Elba calls to say good night Bae" (y'all know that only happens in my dreams right?)
  • Raindrops on roses. (lol! I just had to do that).
  • Hitting green lights my whole way home (like a bawse!)
  • Teaching children about basically anything that I know.
  • People who are willing to love and accept one another, inspite of their many differences.
  • Seeing very old couples happy together.
  • The moment of silence after listening to a good song.
  • When I accomplish something someone told me I could never do.
  • When I am appreciated.
  • You know tuwa da miyan kuka must be on this list right?
  • Most importantly on this list is knowing I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the imagine of He who has the whole world in His hands! 
So yeah, these are a few of my favorite things. Your turn! Please share with me and fellow blog visitors.


  1. Whiskers on kittens! Yea, I had to do that also.
    I love when someone says "send me your account number " It gives me joy.

  2. Okay.. Some things I'm gonna list I love seeing them happen, some I'd want done to me or love to do but all the same they are 'little loves'... I love cuddling. surprises make me feel loved!! I love it when people I least expect show me they care. I love the smell of rain. I love perfumes that scent like fruits..I love being told 'I love u'. I love new experiences. I love crying on shoulders that care.. And oh! I LOVE CHOCOLATES!!

  3. New born babies are cute. Ah! Cats are lovely... I love bracelets. Birthday gifts make me feel remembered especially when I don't remind people

    1. I don't like cats! But I love bracelets....yeah, birthday gifts are cool also.

  4. I love some of the things u mentioned esp nutella.. But I specially love music. I love listening to country music on a long journey, through my headphone of course, I love hearing people that had dirty past speak of it an how they've repented and have new lives(makes me feel anew), I love that moment during a life changing sermon in church, I love when my friends do silly things to make me happy when I feel so depressed, I love when I give someone a gift and that person is so happy about it, I love the words thank you, please & sorry & I love waking up to the lovely sound of birds singing

    1. Please and thank you; the magic words!
      I love me some great sermons, I love friends who go out of their way to make me happy. And yes, nutella for the win!

  5. I take pleasure in the little things of life. Like a day full of fun and laughter. I love seeing smiles on peoples faces and knowing I put it there. I love flowers. I love cats n chocolate. I love that feeling after I've written something worthwhile. I love worshipping God. I love ice cream. Pheww. My list is endless. I love learning...

    1. Worship. Definitely worship. No to cats for me, knowing i made a person smile genuinely is a great feeling. And chocolate any day!

  6. I love fooood!!! I love when my love is reciprocated. I love art, music, TV shows... And tons more. Oh n also, I love you 😊

  7. Y'all rwili luv luvly tinz...buh I luv my family lyk die...most especially my other half..I wld choose my family in d nxt lyf ova nd ova again...ah luv dancin even though m very bad at it...I luv it wen d weather is chilly...I luv being smiled back at..ah luv presents..- luv d comfort of my bed weneva m tired..I luv fashion..m very bad at it though.. I luv shoes..chocolate..I also love LOVE...nd finally...I luv d excitement I get wenever I read Aunty Vivis blog...av y'all heard her voice...OMG...its breathtakin...love u olwedy.

    1. Hey Mercy, it was cool hearing your voice also!
      Thanks for loving this blog so....xxo

  8. Lol @taking off your bra at the end of the day. I tot it was only me.
    Kai! When I saw long list,i remembered the pet peeves list. U dey try for long tins. I mean lists.
    So let's see. I love when it's raining outside and I can snuggle under the duvet inside,
    I love the feeling I get when I give my siblings or parents stuff,i feel so happy man!
    i love holding sleeping or quiet kids, I love food,
    I love quiet moments with me and a glass of juice or Fanta,
    I love good news and testimonies,
    I love hearing about miracles etc.
    I love that eureka moment when a bible verse makes sense to me.
    I love when I hear clearly from God. I feel so special
    Lemme stop before I join you in writing long list. Hehe

    1. Lol! I am glad this list is just as long. That bra off feeling is the best!

  9. You have mentioned most of the things i love already, but i love giving to the needy... I pray God bless me enough so as to do dt to my satisfaction.....

    making the world a better place

    1. It is blessed to give. May God open doors for you to be able to give. Amen

  10. Wow, we are so alike - I love the smell of babies, food, cuddles, road trips with my one and only. But, I hate cats so much - snakes are worse!

    1. Cool.... But I will take snakes to lizards any day!

  11. yes gurrl i am with you on taking off that bloody contraception called bra. why cant we go braless this why i admire all those amazonian jungle women but on the other hand i dont need saggy titties so i gotta pick one.and what is tuwa da miyan kuka ? i am curious

  12. i love it when i drink a cold bottle of coke on a sunny day and a hot cu of tea/coffee on a cool evening or morning. i believe there is a hug for me in a cup of tea, so yeah i agree with the hug. lovely Vira, u go girl