Wednesday, 18 February 2015

So the selfie stick is really a thing?

Oh wow!
Yes, I have seen it on TV and read about it and now I have seen it with a friend.  
What do I think about the selfie stick? hmmmm... I don't know....I really don't know. But I have a question. Do people really love to take photos of themselves that much?!
Ok, so yeah, the selfie stick is really a thing.
As you were.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

World people!!!

I just caught myself about to complain about the heat and I quickly held my mouth. Wasnt my last post a big complain about how cold it was?
Kai! world people! (please say that in your best waffy accent) we can like to complain about everything. God is really patient with us. One minute we complain about the cold, next minute, it is too hot. She is too black, he is too fair, see this short man, see this tall woman. See this big head, your head is small oh (I get this one a lot).

And yes, I am about to do just that....It is hot in the Buj!!!! OMG! I am sorry I am complaining but I am a ''world people''. Father, have mercy. I think I might just decide to go to that obodo oyibo after all....Tibs and Obiamaka oya take note (again).
Seriously though, why do we complain about stuff? Isn't it possible to just go through life accepting everything that comes our way? Some stuff we complain about, we have no way of fixing or changing. Case in point, the weather.
Another good example? The Israelites. They complained about the Manner from God! They were missing the fish, meat, cucumber and garlic they ate in Egypt. Somebody come and help me...cucumber and garlic fa! No be today world people begin show themselves. And God got angry at them and burned down a part of the camp. Hmmmm....thank God for Jesus if not ehn, this generation under Grace would not be standing right now. We would have all been consumed.
Well, He had mercy on them and brought fought quails and they had meat! Yes to suya! 
So, it might not be entirely bad to complain me thinks but I think our attitude matters a lot while we do so. Now instead of blurting out ''choi, this heat will kill me'' or ''which kind heat be this'' maybe I should say something like ''Lord,please see me through this heat and lead me to a fully air conditioned room.'' Maybe, just maybe that would help me not to anger Him like the Israelites did.
And in line with Philippians 4:6....Thank You Lord, that I am alive, strong and healthy to even get to feel the heat. Now Lord, that new car with the top notch a/c......