Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I've Got Questions For Y'all Today...

Hahahaaaaa! Maybe she is a really really  loyal customer and the bank was just checking up on her? Just maybe?

I saw this picture on instagram, while it cracked me up, it got me thinking. Why do people cheat on their significant others? Married or unmarried, why do people cheat generally? It seems like infidelity is the order of the day. The way married men sit and gist about their girlfriends will never cease to amaze me.

At what point is it considered cheating? When it gets physical? Someone once said if you have to delete messages so your significant other does not see, then you should check yourself as you might be on your way to cheating. Do you agree? I know someone who says it is cheating if you kiss while another said as soon as you make an emotional connection with someone else, cheating begins.

I have a friend who actually saved his side chick's name on his phone as 'Lazarus Carpenter'. Her name was Elizabeth. What puzzled me was how proud  he seemed of himself when he was telling us about it. He told us his wife brought the phone to him when 'Lazarus' was calling...."What if she had answered as per na carpenter na?" Is what I asked him and he began to say errr, errm, no, she wouldn't have.

I probably would have answered the call just to ask 'him' which of the Lazarus' he was named after. Ehen, you see how if he had a wife like me, yawa will just gas for him because instead of a Lazarus' voice, she would hear Elizabeth's.

He had another girlfriend named Paulina and he saved her name as Paul plumber....smh. Now I am worried for this my friend. I should go for update to hear how all the coded names have worked for him so far. *i hope he was caught*

Now I need to ask....Have you ever cheated or had someone cheat on you?
As the cheater, did you have to code names and stuff? Or how did the cheatee go about it?
Were you caught?
Did you 'fess up?
Do you regret it?
If given a chance, would you cheat (again)?
Is there something that pushes a person to cheat?

Here are my answers:
Yes, I have cheated.
No, I wasn't caught.
I stopped because it wasn't worth the trouble. 
Am I proud of myself? No.
Did I confess? No!
Did I have a good reason to cheat? Errr....Not really.
Will I cheat again? No....I do not plan to.
So help me God!


  1. Yay! First to comment....

  2. A lotta ladies take men as He-goats..but there are actually faithful men out there ah guess..I think d main problem is that some people are never contented...it all depends on u...if u really love ur partner...u wld remain faithful..I can never cheat fa..I better stay outta d relationship than to be Untrustworthy....if ill love u..ah wld love u to d CORE...nice article Aunty VeeVee.

  3. People cheat for a number of reasons: They cheat because they can, It could be thrilling to them, it is an incurable disease. Whatever the reason, cheating is cheating, and it is bad!

    Why delete your messages if you have nothing to hide? I once dated one boy like that. I read one of his messages on bbm, and I was shocked. I took note of the girl's name - You know what he did next? He changed her name to her surname, but I was 210 steps ahead of him!!!!

  4. a cheating partner.....nahhh...... I got to pass on this one.......about How some people change the name on their phones.......I once caught one of my bff and my bro girlfriend at the time .......she saved this my bro's name with "pubic hair face"...........just because he had one funny kind of moustache..... .I hope she can read this so she will know that I knew whatsup just that I want my bro to find out himself.....and he did........


  5. *Raises hands up*
    I have cheated. I think I felt slighted and wanted revenge or something.
    Did I code names! Nope.
    Was I caught! Nope.But if I was I wouldn't lie about it or deny.
    Did I confess. Nope. Though I may still do so even though we are no longer dating.
    Just because.
    Will I do it again? Nope.
    Whassup Vira! This one you are making me do true confession.

  6. The thought of cheating is fun to me but I wouldn't do that... As in I love people, especially the one I'm dating, trusting me!

  7. Hehehe this reminds me of my ex he saved my name as iya hehehe I found out from someone else and I knew a guy whose wife told me that she suspected her husband because some number names container 1, and container 2 are always calling at might hehehehe

  8. And yup I have been cheated on, and I caught him on Facebook (just like that shaggy song titled it wasn't me) he tried to convince me it was a look alike lol my ex was a smooth criminal he made sure to block me on Facebook he got another phone it was just disgusting

  9. Hmmmnnn **Raises hands up.. well me i have cheated oh.. Even recently sef. :( I think Cheating is more of impulsive than decisive.. Why did i cheat?? Mehn i dont really know, lets just say my Urges got the better of me. But i am a believer in the fact that because i cheated, doesnt make me love my woman any less.. It might have been a kinda disrespect, and that i admit, but hey, i am only Human, and distance is such a biatch i guess :(. Cheers Bubba.

  10. *raises hand up*
    I have cheated
    It was a one night stand so I didn't have to code names
    I had to confess when guilt almost killed me
    I regret it even up till now
    I'm never cheating again o it's too much work