Monday, 8 September 2014

The Weekend I had.

Hey guys! It is another monday and the first monday that I wasnt all grumpy about coming to work. If you know me, you know that is strange right?
Anyhow, my weekend was good, I was not at work on Friday because I had a fever and I needed to rest. I spent the whole day in bed and a box of maltesers right beside me.

So, I decided and was determined to hit the gym first thing Saturday morning; You know to burn the calories I packed from the maltesers (the ones from tuwo are welcome to stay). Before I knew it, Saturday morning was upon us and it began to rain. You see the trouble there right? I was made to make this very very hard decision to go burn the calories or store them up with the help of my lovely blue blanket.....I chose to keep them. I chose my blankie.  Blame the rain people, blame the rain! And I slept all day.

Sunday was great! I went for my 1st ever karaoke and I was ready to bring down the house! I had even chosen the song to sing before we got there. I was super excited and  had pictured my self like this.

I had imagined how wild the crowd would go and I even saw me signing a record deal at the end of the day. Hey, nothing wrong with dreaming big ahthink? 

You are wondering how it went right? Well, it didn't. We got there and as I walked on my imaginary red carpet, head help up high almost flipped my hair even but i remembered it was short  into the venue, it was quiet. Like really quiet and there were only 4 people in there! And I think they all work there.

I turned to my friend and asked "whattapun?" Where is the crowd I came to wow?!
Well, apparently the place was being renovated but my head was too up in the sky that I didn't notice all the work from outside. I only noticed as i walked back out, with my sanyin gwiwa aka ela back to the car.

I was not a happy somebody but my dream lives on! I will be back! I still look forward to a Karaoke experience someday and it will be just as great as I planned.

Do have yourselves and great week ahead and keep you dreams alive. Remember to celebrate you always!


  1. Lol! Correct ela for you.

  2. Lol... Are you sure you didn't just chicken out? Talk true

    1. Chicken out ke? See ehn, i was ready for it yesterday fa.

  3. Its good to be courageous when faced with disappointments

  4. I want maltesers!!

  5. OOO nooo. Pele. Better look nd luck next time

  6. dont worry always a next time

  7. The weekend I had. So much more for karaoke, try harder n u'll get there someday (tryin harder means goin to place that aren't renovated) besides Beyonce started from somewhere

  8. Hahahaha @ karaoke night. Whathappun indeed.
    Is it weird that I don't like maltesers? I think it tastes weird.
    Sorry you were ill ok.