Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Dream...

In life, we have dreams, we have desires, we have aspirations, goals, aims, wishes, expectations, ambitions,yada yada get the gist. These dreams require making choices along the way in order to achieve them and some of these choices require opportunities to help pave the way. Sometimes we know what we want but the opportunities to go get it might not present itself. This could be rather heart breaking. I had 2 of those goals in life. 1. By the ripe age of 12, I knew I wanted to become a Secretary. Oh yes, that was the dream. story for another day. 

We all know that a very important choice in life is the choice of who to marry. Now, you agree with me that this is an important aspect in life right? 2nd Goal: By the time I was 18, I had made the decision  to someday get married to a uniformed man. yup, a Naval officer, Army officer or  Air force officer....who no like better thing you ask? Good question. Oya answer.

Now I guess you are wondering why I want(ed) to marry a uniformed somebody. Well, what is there not to love? The main attraction for me though is the crossing of the swords. OMG! I'd sit and dream about that and smile till my cheeks hurt. The beauty of it all...

See what i mean?
Anyways, this post is to express my heartbreak over my dream never even coming close to becoming true as not even a Boys Brigade or Boys Scout member has ever toasted me. *wipes lone tear*. Not even in true true dream did I meet a military man that said 'hello babee' to me. Oh my life!

I have cried to the high heavens, asking why oh why. I never get answer, I am waiting for the answer after all these years.

See ehn, this is why I am holding on to my dear Idris Elba, anywhere you see him for me, please tell him I am here, waiting for him.
Oh, brotha!
With this post, I have officially erased uniformed bobo from my list of husband choices. Crying a river. But even if I marry a pastor, I must find a way to get swords to be crossed. Even if na knife them wan cross sef, I no go mind.

I am sorry if you thought this post was somehow going to turn out to be thought provoking to get you thinking  deep about life choices and all other deep stuff . Forgive me.

love and light