Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Compliment or Insult...?

Random guy: Auntie you dey drive like man sha oh...

Me: *blank stare*

I am confused. Should I take that as an insult or a compliment? How do men drive biko? Do men drive better? Is there a way I should drive as a woman? Really, is there a rule to it? Because I am confused oh. Very confused. 

All these men that just expect a woman to drive shitty just because....well just because you are a woman. Completely forgetting that we are all humans with the abilities to do things EQUALLY!!!!

That is how one day, my friend (lets call her Ms Bee) was trying to park her car and this guy (lets call him Guy 1) kept asking her to "come, come,come, oya cut your hand, cut your hand" and he confused the heck out of her. Now my dear friend who loves her car more than she loves me knew that if she kept "cutting hand", she'd end up bashing her precious toy and she nicely said "oga, I know what I am doing, please let me do this my way"
For some reason, what she said got him really angry and he walked away grumbling. 

If you just thought 'thank God he left her', scratch that because his friend (lets call him Guy 2) came along and unleashed the female dog bitch in my friend. This is how it went down: 

Guy 2: Ha'ahn Madam, he was just trying to help you na.

Ms Bee: But oga, I know what to do, he was only confusing me.

Guy 2: Ehn but you know he is a man na.

Ms Bee: Ehen?

Guy 2: Ehn , so he knows better na.

Ms Bee: Oh, so because I am a woman, I don't know what I am doing?


In case you are wondering, that was some pretty heavy shit she said to him, I had to censor or i'll have to anoint my laptop if I write what she said to Guy 2. It is needless to say he never hesperreddit!    I told you about the female dog ish didnt I?  Now you know I was saying the truth.

Now, the thing is why would guy 2 just assume that guy 1 knows better just because he is a man? So basically, by virtue of having boobs among other things, I am incapable of driving well and every man knows better than me?


I really cannot deal. 

Back to Ms Bee, I thought about how guy 1 probably does not even have a car (i'm not throwing shade, I am just saying it as it is). Even if he owned one, it most likely isn't a Kia Sportage  , even if it is were a Kia Sportage, wetin concern am sef? Talking about cutting hands and confusing people up'andan. One thing I know is that after the response they got from my darling Ms Bee, they both will think well before telling a lady to 'cut hand' anyhow. 

Now I am ranting right?

I don't want to, so i'll end this gist now. But I am still very confused. Please, help a sistah out...is "auntie, you dey drive like man sha.." a compliment or an insult?