Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fake Smile

Is it just me or do your cheeks actually hurt when you fake a smile for more than 30 seconds?
I met someone today and I had to be polite so I faked a smile for all of one minute and about twenty seconds. And yes, my cheeks hurt. 

Is it just me or do yours hurt also when you fake smile?


  1. Lol! It sure does hurt. If I faked a smile for that long then it'll definitely be noticed!

  2. I don't bother at all oh. I'd I'm not in the mood, nothing for you oh.

  3. Cheeks and temples hurt whenever I try a fake smile. So I try not to, it is just too difficult to avoid sometimes.

  4. Depends on how hard I am faking. If it's just a a little faking it doesn't hurt. But if I am pissed or annoyed then the smile hurts.

  5. Even if I make a real smile for that long my cheeks would hurt...That's long enough to create a life long dimple!

    1. Lol! Being that i have one dimple, I think i should work on getting the 2nd one.