Wednesday, 18 February 2015

So the selfie stick is really a thing?

Oh wow!
Yes, I have seen it on TV and read about it and now I have seen it with a friend.  
What do I think about the selfie stick? hmmmm... I don't know....I really don't know. But I have a question. Do people really love to take photos of themselves that much?!
Ok, so yeah, the selfie stick is really a thing.
As you were.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

World people!!!

I just caught myself about to complain about the heat and I quickly held my mouth. Wasnt my last post a big complain about how cold it was?
Kai! world people! (please say that in your best waffy accent) we can like to complain about everything. God is really patient with us. One minute we complain about the cold, next minute, it is too hot. She is too black, he is too fair, see this short man, see this tall woman. See this big head, your head is small oh (I get this one a lot).

And yes, I am about to do just that....It is hot in the Buj!!!! OMG! I am sorry I am complaining but I am a ''world people''. Father, have mercy. I think I might just decide to go to that obodo oyibo after all....Tibs and Obiamaka oya take note (again).
Seriously though, why do we complain about stuff? Isn't it possible to just go through life accepting everything that comes our way? Some stuff we complain about, we have no way of fixing or changing. Case in point, the weather.
Another good example? The Israelites. They complained about the Manner from God! They were missing the fish, meat, cucumber and garlic they ate in Egypt. Somebody come and help me...cucumber and garlic fa! No be today world people begin show themselves. And God got angry at them and burned down a part of the camp. Hmmmm....thank God for Jesus if not ehn, this generation under Grace would not be standing right now. We would have all been consumed.
Well, He had mercy on them and brought fought quails and they had meat! Yes to suya! 
So, it might not be entirely bad to complain me thinks but I think our attitude matters a lot while we do so. Now instead of blurting out ''choi, this heat will kill me'' or ''which kind heat be this'' maybe I should say something like ''Lord,please see me through this heat and lead me to a fully air conditioned room.'' Maybe, just maybe that would help me not to anger Him like the Israelites did.
And in line with Philippians 4:6....Thank You Lord, that I am alive, strong and healthy to even get to feel the heat. Now Lord, that new car with the top notch a/c......


Thursday, 15 January 2015

It is cold!!!

This cold is not it at all! At just 16° here, I feel like staying put in this blanket because I'm pretty sure I will go crazy if I move. I don't want to even think about taking my bath because I know I will freeze. *crying*

I am not prepared for this oh! Why wasn't I warned ehn? Who are the people responsible for warning us?

So, my plans to move to Obodo oyibo have been officially moved till further notice (Obiamaka and Tibs please take note) Before I come and go and die of cold. No, that is not God's plan for me.

Who agrees with me that this hammartan is vexing? If you live in Jos or Zaria, weldon ehn? I hear it was about 2° there sometime last week. Is that true? Any Jos, Zaria person reading this, please confirm.

The way I've been layering up to work these days, Smh.... My boss must be laughing at me as I have advised myself to dress 'appropriately' to the office now. You see, I hate to put on suits and I am required to do so. But I don't. well.... I kindda sortta do every now and then but this cold has turned me to an everyday turtle neck, jacket wearing somebody.


I'm sure it is clear now that I can't stand cold right? I think I look like a chicken all the time.

OK, so I can't stay here and keep sighing. Let me go and see about that bath....

And if you are asthmatic, please, please, please cover up! Even if you are not, please cover up. To avoid stories that touch the heart.

2015, love me.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to work.... Happy birthday Mr. O!

Happy new year!!!! It is my first day back at work in the new year and It is my boss' birthday! Y'all know that means plenty cake for me right?

So, I grudgingly went to the office (yeah, some things never change). But I ended up getting really excited when I got there and saw my colleagues and Monsura  Y'all remember her right? Well, she is not in love with Don jazzy anymore because she dreamt of KCee, the limpopo guy and now she believes he is her future hubby. Dear God, please help that child.

Anyway, dear boss couldn't make it to the office so we took the party to his house and it was super cool. He was pleasantly surprised (I see 100% on my performance appraisal forms).... Somebody say amen!

Now, let me gush about my boss,  Mr. O... He is the awesomest and bestest boss anyone could ever have.... Envy me not. It is God's doing cz ehn, sometimes the level of craze in this my head, not anyone can handle it. He is super cool, intelligent and down to earth. If I had brain like him ehn, I'll walk around with my nose up in the air.

I am really glad I have a boss like him. Biko, join me celebrate my oga ehn and you just might get a piece of cake....

I am beginning to see why people think I might be snobbish....story for tomorrow maybe?

Back to the matter, Happy birthday Mr. O!!!!

2015, love me.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Thank you....

Life as Vira...

Life as Vira has been a roller-coaster ride. It has been all kinds of crazy since my last post.

There have been all kinds of emotions, a lot of good and bad drama.  My friend had a baby (hello Bows) another friend got married and I was on the train (the groom's men ehn, story for another day) I met my nephew for the first time and it was love at first sight till he peed on me and I passed him to his mother. I have done some good travelling and it has been wonderful.

I just got back from another journey yesterday. I miss home. I miss my momma. I do not miss the shitty network there though. If you've been checking for new posts, please let's come together and blame the network providers in my village ehn? Thank you.

Toh, it's the last day of the year. I am grateful to God for keeping us all till now. I'm actually quite emotional. God has indeed been faithful to me and mine.

"Describe your 2014 in one word".... Someone tweeted that and I wondered if I could really describe the year in one word.... Like I said, life as Vira has been a roller-coaster ride. I've been favoured, blessed, tried, I've developed.... I can't describe it in a word.

I started 2014 on a really high note, happy and full of expectations but as the year went on, my high gradually got low. Sometimes too low I had to scold myself.

I've cried myself to sleep, I've wished I made different choices in life but through it all, I still held on. I held on to God, I searched for ways to grow my faith. I knew I would miss it all if I lost my faith in God. That kept me. He kept me, and I am most grateful for the 'hardest' days cz I felt His presence, I heard Him and I knew I'd be good. It will all be good.

Jeremiah 29:11 has always been one of my favorite verses. Didn't He say He knows the plans he has for me? That they are plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me hope and an expected end? I believe His word so I wait cz I know my God will see me through.

I've had great days too. I got promoted at work (yay me) I found love where I wasn't looking. I made new friends, I travelled, I ate plenty, I kicked ass. I cut my hair and now I'm on a natural hair journey (ko easy rara).

I've grown. Physically(wink) and spiritually (amen somebody). I am thankful for my friends. I'm thankful for my SIP. I don't know what I'd do without you girls . You've been there for me through it all. Duru ye! Thank you darling. Especially for bullying me to come up with a post today. All the friends I made on blogsville. I'm back. Well, kindda, sortta.

And I'm ending this year happy and full of expectations for 2015.... I know it will be a great 2015 for us all. Somebody shout hallelujah!!!

Happy end of 2014 from me to Y'all.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I am in the most boring lecture ever!!!!
Out of six lectures so far, this is the most ‘unconcentrated’, dull, tiring, and sleep inducing for ALL present here.
Gosh!  This papa is making everyone sleepy.
So, I came all the way to Nassarawa state for this? Kai! My colleague has been dozing on and off. Thank God she didn’t add snoring to it.

There have been different kinds of meetings in a meeting since he started.
The lecture is on Accounting something and even the ‘Chartered’ amongst us are equally bored.
Some are on their phones and on papers scribbling whatever their minds so puts forth and the guy beside me is even playing chess on his phone. #smh Well, I am typing this hoping they think I am concentrating and taking notes.

I just heard “in conclusion…” yay! The Lord is goooooood!

Eventuality is eventuality (I dont even know what that means)  He brings it to an end but without a sole asking a question. I hope he does not think the lack of questions is because anyone in this hall understood a thing he said? Because the way he is smiling ehn? I think he thinks he has delivered the greatest lecture of all time.

*Yay! Sweets….*

I am just sitting here waiting to hear them say it is time for lunch so I can go and eat. Is it just me or does boredom make people hungry? I think it is the boredom because I sat through yesterday’s lectures and I wasn’t hungry at all. 

He is done!!!And he got the loudest round of applause from colleagues are just crazy.
Lunch time! *ahh shoki* Just kidding, I cannot dance.

Ps: I think the camera crew may have caught me goofing in this class. How do we get the tape, I can’t let that tape out, I have a reputation to protect biko. Help!!!

Hiya people! That was how my yesterday went oh, but I was not able to put up the post.
And it is the ghen ghen boy's birthday today! Happy birthday DURU, the boy is confused ehn he even writes about his confusion on his blog. Please spare him 7 minutes of your time and help him clear his confusion. I wish you a happy birthday and I hope you get less confused as you grow older. Oya where is it happening biko? My dancing shoes have been polished and I am ready to boogie.


Monday, 10 November 2014

And Zee turned one....

Hiya people!
It is the dreaded day of the week! But I will not let it get to me oh....This Monday has no choice but to be good to me.
How did your weekend go? Mine was great! My bestie’s baby turned one on Friday and we celebrated!!! I went all the way to Kaduna for the party oh and I am glad I did as I had fun and my friend, M2 was happy I was there to celebrate with her.
We started planning this party since baby Zee was barely 6 months old oh but my crazy friend decided to cancel the party a few weeks before the big day. Ah! See this one, be there cancelling party. Her reason for calling off our party? Baby Zee had not started walking, no teeth yet and her hair was not packable…actually, you can count the number of hair on her head. Imagine!!! 

Well, Zee must have heard us gossiping about her because 2 weeks to the day, madam began to walk, 2 teeth were out and aunty Ummu had forced 3 rubber bands to stay on and yes, we were good to go. See how the child chose to disgrace us ba? Anyway, we decided to just ‘mark’ the day as another kind aunty had promised to bring  us cake. 
I think this might be when she heard us gossiping and decided to 'show us'

That is how I took myself to Kaduna to ‘mark’ birthday oh, M2 had said it was going to be “…just something small, in the sitting room”. To our surprise though, it wasn’t small…. it even looked like those invited missed the part of the message where it said something small as they came with  kids and kid’s friends and I am suspecting a few people might have just picked kids on their way over. 

I only laughed when M2 came to ask me how it became big? Na me send invites? No be you? Anyhow, all in all we had fun. Major fun and Zee was the best behaved 1 year old I have ever seen! She did not cry through out the party, she actually danced and stood to cut her cake! I am a proud momma! *wipes lone tear*

Now, I am someone who always believed a first birthday bash was a waste of money and I would go on and on about how the baby wouldn’t know what is happening so why stress myself? Now I am thinking it might actually be a good idea to celebrate a first birthday…I saw how happy my friend was (even though she kept complaining about the extra cash she had to dole out) the kids around all had a lot of fun especially when the bouncing castle was brought in. All in all, I am glad I made it to KD for the birthday and I cannot wait for Zee’s 2nd birthday bash!

Once again, I want to wish Zee a happy happy happy birthday, the best life, God’s blessing and protection all round.
Have I mentioned I am now on the fence about celebrating a baby’s 1st birthday? What do you guys think? Throw a big party or not?
Have yourselves a blessed day and week ahead.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

God wants us to prosper...

 "Let the Lord be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant"
Yes, He does. He wants us, His children to prosper in everything. See what the Apostle John said  in 3rd John 1:2
  Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you,even as your soul is getting along well.
You see that He does want us to prosper? Not just financially, but physically and most importantly, He wants our souls to prosper so that we can make heaven.
Isn't that the final destination we are hoping and working towards reaching?
As a Christian, my ultimate goal is to make heaven oh, I do not know about you but for me, the race must be won, I must make it to heaven. See, this my fine skin? I cannot afford for it to burn for eternity. Mba.
The other day, steam from water I boiled touched me and the pain made me rededicate my life to Christ. If just steam can do that, what will fire itself do? So yeah, I most definately want to make heaven.

It gladens my heart that God Himself is worried about the prosperity of my soul. Well, He created me and He has great plans for me right? Remember what He said in Jeremiah 29:11?

So why would he leave me to perish? No father would readily choose to watch his child end up badly.
But we have our roles to play. We have to go in the way of the Lord. We have to worship Him, Praise Him and live our lives for Him. I know in this world now, it seems like a hard task but it can be done. He looks after us, He desires for us to prosper....He wants us to enjoy here on earth and for the enjoyment to continue when we get heaven.

John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came to give you abundant life....not lack.
He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants...Psalm 35:27
He wants us blessed so we can finance the gospel and establish His covenant... Deuteronomy 8:18
He wants us honoring Him through our financial success....Proverbs 3:9-10
He wants us to be consistent tithers and givers to fund His local church and ministry outreaches...Malachi 3:10
He wants us to care for the poor, the widows and the orphans....Proverbs 19:17
He wants us to be the head not the tail...Deuteronomy 28:10-13

These are just a few reasons why He wants us to prosper financially....For His sake, for His glory, so we can reach out to His people. You see how it really isn't about us but we get to benefit from it all...

Isn't my God  awesome? Why will I not love Him and desire to work with Him?  He wants us to proper financially that we may honor Him through our financial success.

So let us get ready for prosperity and as we prosper financially, let us not forget to to work towards the prosperity of our souls because that should be the most important form of prosperity for us as Christians.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Humpty Dumpty moment....

Yay! It is November!! Christmas is almost here!!! Yippie!
How are you all doing? Hope your weekend is going well?
Hmmmm something happened to yours truly. Something crazy!
Physically, I am ok but my ego is hurt! Really, really bruised eh!
I cannot believe this happened to me. Chai!

You see, I have this morbid fear of falling....Yes, falling down. And as a result, I have always been super careful while walking, running, standing and anything that has a 0.01% possibility of leading to a fall.

But yesterday, I fell. Down. Flat. On. My. Face! No, that is not all. I fell before an admirer!
Why me ehn? Why?!
It seems I have a specialty in falling in places I have no business falling at. My first fall this year was in my Chairman's office. Yup, its like I run from falling but end up doing it in a 'grand' way whenever it happens. Thank God I did not get to the floor in the Chairman's office but ehn, it was just as embarrassing.

At the time i fell, the security guard came out and goes "sannu anty" "sannu" "sannu fa" like I did not hear the first sannu. Abi it has now turned to song? What even brought him out then sef? Could it have been the sound of my ego shattering into a billion pieces he heard?

And my visitor was too shocked I believe because he actually asked "did you fall?"
My answer? noooo! cant you see me flying? well, that was in my head.
At this point I was too embarrassed to even get up then he goes "get up now" Chai!!!! Dear God, why me?!
Anyway, I had to get up, clean my body and walk away without a word to him. I walked pass the security man with my head held up high while pieces of my ego followed behind.

So, how did I end up falling face down in front of an admirer? I will gist you someday because right now, I cannot begin to put myself through that experience again. Mba. But help me thank heavens I was not forming for him oh, na there e for pain me pass.

Please share any embarrassing moments with me. biko. I cannot be the only one who has been embarrassed on this level. Maybe your stories will make me laugh and forget my experience.

Friday, 31 October 2014


I honestly do not know why this is relevant.

I know about four.

Turn up money must be made!



I wont argue.

I will begin to count.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Yay! I got the award....
I have seen this logo on a number of blogs and I had wondered what it was all about. Well, I read through and I thought what a cool idea
And what is way cooler? Well, I got the award also!
Yay me! *wipes lone tear, waves at the cheering crowd
Thank you. Thank you. I am indeed honored. 

The award is passed on from sister blogger to another and I agree with TIBS' line of thought on the award on building a network of ladies....who knows where a great friendship would start from?

So, the award comes with a set of rules. It is a serious something oh!

1. Thank the blogger who nominated (awarded) you, linking back to their site. 
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer their ten questions. 
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees.
5. Nominate 10 bloggers
The aim: to help ladies accept every part of their bodies and personalities.

I was nominated and awarded by the lovely Amaka. She blogs @ Thank you my dear ajuwaya!

Amaka did not ask ten questions but she asked a biiiig question as she was asked on her own nomination form. (Did I not tell you it is a serious something?)

Her question: "Tell us about a part of you that you struggled with(maybe a habit, nose, shape, leg etc) and how you over came the fear......

My answer: I struggled hard with my dentition. Some of my teeth (the upper incisors) grew out from one root (my friend called it squatting teeth, smh) and in primary school, I had the squatters removed. It was a painful experience and my mouth was swollen for days. I believe professionally it is referred to as dens in dents

The squatters were removed and the dentist told me to constantly use my tongue to push the inner teeth and they would eventually align. Hmmm, my people, I pushed and pushed and pushed for years, they are still slightly backwards. I thought there was something wrong with me. I cried and cried because my teeth would not fit in a perfect row

I felt ugly and I would not smile or laugh out loud....anything to expose my teeth was a NO! And I grew up not smiling a lot. I have had comments from people asking me to smile. In fact, one day an Okada rider looked at me and said "abeg sister smile small na" I felt really horrible. I believe this has a lot to do with why people think I am a major snob when they first meet me. 

Well, I am all grown now and even though I still do not smile much, I am less conscious of the space there and I have found out that some people do not even notice! So why have I been killing myself over it?!

Do I still hate my dentition? Yes, I do. But it doesn't affect me like it did anymore. Now I smile without caring (though I am not big on smiling). So yea, this is what I struggled with in life.   

Now I will like to nominate the following awesome sister bloggers and I will stick to Amaka's way and throw back the same question to you all.

DURU  (Yes young man, I nominate you on behalf of Jilda).

There we go. These are the blogs I have nominated. Please follow the rules and let us appreciate our favorite blogs. I know some that I would have put up have already receive there nominations. Congrats to y'all!

*Vira walks off stage, wipes another lone tear and waves to y'all*