Monday, 5 January 2015

Back to work.... Happy birthday Mr. O!

Happy new year!!!! It is my first day back at work in the new year and It is my boss' birthday! Y'all know that means plenty cake for me right?

So, I grudgingly went to the office (yeah, some things never change). But I ended up getting really excited when I got there and saw my colleagues and Monsura  Y'all remember her right? Well, she is not in love with Don jazzy anymore because she dreamt of KCee, the limpopo guy and now she believes he is her future hubby. Dear God, please help that child.

Anyway, dear boss couldn't make it to the office so we took the party to his house and it was super cool. He was pleasantly surprised (I see 100% on my performance appraisal forms).... Somebody say amen!

Now, let me gush about my boss,  Mr. O... He is the awesomest and bestest boss anyone could ever have.... Envy me not. It is God's doing cz ehn, sometimes the level of craze in this my head, not anyone can handle it. He is super cool, intelligent and down to earth. If I had brain like him ehn, I'll walk around with my nose up in the air.

I am really glad I have a boss like him. Biko, join me celebrate my oga ehn and you just might get a piece of cake....

I am beginning to see why people think I might be snobbish....story for tomorrow maybe?

Back to the matter, Happy birthday Mr. O!!!!

2015, love me.


  1. Happy birthday to Vira's boss! I hope to get a cool boss someday. Happy new year Vee!

    1. I hope you do! Happy new year dear anon!

  2. Happy new year Vira.... Happy birthday to your boss

  3. Happy new year bubba, wishing you both :) a ghen ghen 2015. Happy Birthday to your Boss too oh, biko DHL me my own slice of cake... Turn up Turn up ladies and gentle men, Vira of life is backkkkkkk on blogger. :) Berra not go anywhere again ooo.. you and can like to disappear shaaa... :(

    1. Your cake is on the way..... My dear, the disappearing act is not intentional oh, e just dey happen and now that I am laptop-less makes it even harder. But I'll keep trying.

  4. Dear Vira, shey you know we love you shaaa?! and we hate to not read from you?! But you haf started oooo.. lmaoo.. Vira i beg you in the name of MTN, please dont go far away again Bubba, we miss you gan already. **wears sad face...