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Thursday, 15 January 2015

It is cold!!!

This cold is not it at all! At just 16° here, I feel like staying put in this blanket because I'm pretty sure I will go crazy if I move. I don't want to even think about taking my bath because I know I will freeze. *crying*

I am not prepared for this oh! Why wasn't I warned ehn? Who are the people responsible for warning us?

So, my plans to move to Obodo oyibo have been officially moved till further notice (Obiamaka and Tibs please take note) Before I come and go and die of cold. No, that is not God's plan for me.

Who agrees with me that this hammartan is vexing? If you live in Jos or Zaria, weldon ehn? I hear it was about 2° there sometime last week. Is that true? Any Jos, Zaria person reading this, please confirm.

The way I've been layering up to work these days, Smh.... My boss must be laughing at me as I have advised myself to dress 'appropriately' to the office now. You see, I hate to put on suits and I am required to do so. But I don't. well.... I kindda sortta do every now and then but this cold has turned me to an everyday turtle neck, jacket wearing somebody.


I'm sure it is clear now that I can't stand cold right? I think I look like a chicken all the time.

OK, so I can't stay here and keep sighing. Let me go and see about that bath....

And if you are asthmatic, please, please, please cover up! Even if you are not, please cover up. To avoid stories that touch the heart.

2015, love me.