Monday, 10 November 2014

And Zee turned one....

Hiya people!
It is the dreaded day of the week! But I will not let it get to me oh....This Monday has no choice but to be good to me.
How did your weekend go? Mine was great! My bestie’s baby turned one on Friday and we celebrated!!! I went all the way to Kaduna for the party oh and I am glad I did as I had fun and my friend, M2 was happy I was there to celebrate with her.
We started planning this party since baby Zee was barely 6 months old oh but my crazy friend decided to cancel the party a few weeks before the big day. Ah! See this one, be there cancelling party. Her reason for calling off our party? Baby Zee had not started walking, no teeth yet and her hair was not packable…actually, you can count the number of hair on her head. Imagine!!! 

Well, Zee must have heard us gossiping about her because 2 weeks to the day, madam began to walk, 2 teeth were out and aunty Ummu had forced 3 rubber bands to stay on and yes, we were good to go. See how the child chose to disgrace us ba? Anyway, we decided to just ‘mark’ the day as another kind aunty had promised to bring  us cake. 
I think this might be when she heard us gossiping and decided to 'show us'

That is how I took myself to Kaduna to ‘mark’ birthday oh, M2 had said it was going to be “…just something small, in the sitting room”. To our surprise though, it wasn’t small…. it even looked like those invited missed the part of the message where it said something small as they came with  kids and kid’s friends and I am suspecting a few people might have just picked kids on their way over. 

I only laughed when M2 came to ask me how it became big? Na me send invites? No be you? Anyhow, all in all we had fun. Major fun and Zee was the best behaved 1 year old I have ever seen! She did not cry through out the party, she actually danced and stood to cut her cake! I am a proud momma! *wipes lone tear*

Now, I am someone who always believed a first birthday bash was a waste of money and I would go on and on about how the baby wouldn’t know what is happening so why stress myself? Now I am thinking it might actually be a good idea to celebrate a first birthday…I saw how happy my friend was (even though she kept complaining about the extra cash she had to dole out) the kids around all had a lot of fun especially when the bouncing castle was brought in. All in all, I am glad I made it to KD for the birthday and I cannot wait for Zee’s 2nd birthday bash!

Once again, I want to wish Zee a happy happy happy birthday, the best life, God’s blessing and protection all round.
Have I mentioned I am now on the fence about celebrating a baby’s 1st birthday? What do you guys think? Throw a big party or not?
Have yourselves a blessed day and week ahead.


  1. Awwww... She is such a cutie. Happy birthday Zee.

  2. I can imagine Zee thinking " so you think say I no fit waka abi,i go show una"lol.
    Many happy returns to Zee. She will be a source of continuous joy to her parents( and all you join join) in Jesus name. Amen

    1. Amen oh.... Thanks for the wishes anty Funmi.
      Lol @ join join....

  3. Just like yesterday, Zee is one already. happy birthday darling, many happy returns. Abt celebrating a childs' first birthday..."ba ruwa na oo" me, i dont have dat strength. may God continue to bless and kip her.

  4. Happy birthday �� Zee. 1st birthday humm a nice one to celebrate

  5. I don't know how this would have been without you.Ur help and efforts encouraged me to celebrate Zainab's birthday.Thanks Alot({})

  6. Wishing baby Zee a very happy birthday - What an adorable little princess she is!

  7. Hurray! Lil Zee is one,hw de grow so fast. Thank God 4 kipping her n wishn her many blessed yrs ahead. She really rocked her first parry in her pretty dress. *kiss kiss*

  8. She's a cute baby!!!!!!
    I'm all for celebrating firsts o.... so the first birthday is essential

  9. Happy (belated) birthday to Zee. She's cute. I like her gaan, she heard y'all planning and she decided to shock you! Sharp girl!
    May she always bring her loved ones joy.