Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I am in the most boring lecture ever!!!!
Out of six lectures so far, this is the most ‘unconcentrated’, dull, tiring, and sleep inducing for ALL present here.
Gosh!  This papa is making everyone sleepy.
So, I came all the way to Nassarawa state for this? Kai! My colleague has been dozing on and off. Thank God she didn’t add snoring to it.

There have been different kinds of meetings in a meeting since he started.
The lecture is on Accounting something and even the ‘Chartered’ amongst us are equally bored.
Some are on their phones and on papers scribbling whatever their minds so puts forth and the guy beside me is even playing chess on his phone. #smh Well, I am typing this hoping they think I am concentrating and taking notes.

I just heard “in conclusion…” yay! The Lord is goooooood!

Eventuality is eventuality (I dont even know what that means)  He brings it to an end but without a sole asking a question. I hope he does not think the lack of questions is because anyone in this hall understood a thing he said? Because the way he is smiling ehn? I think he thinks he has delivered the greatest lecture of all time.

*Yay! Sweets….*

I am just sitting here waiting to hear them say it is time for lunch so I can go and eat. Is it just me or does boredom make people hungry? I think it is the boredom because I sat through yesterday’s lectures and I wasn’t hungry at all. 

He is done!!!And he got the loudest round of applause from colleagues are just crazy.
Lunch time! *ahh shoki* Just kidding, I cannot dance.

Ps: I think the camera crew may have caught me goofing in this class. How do we get the tape, I can’t let that tape out, I have a reputation to protect biko. Help!!!

Hiya people! That was how my yesterday went oh, but I was not able to put up the post.
And it is the ghen ghen boy's birthday today! Happy birthday DURU, the boy is confused ehn he even writes about his confusion on his blog. Please spare him 7 minutes of your time and help him clear his confusion. I wish you a happy birthday and I hope you get less confused as you grow older. Oya where is it happening biko? My dancing shoes have been polished and I am ready to boogie.



  1. Lol... Vira so you were playing in class ehn? I will tell!
    Happy birthday to Duru, please don't be confused oh.

    1. heheheheheh Thanks Bubba, ( i duuno why, but my church mind tells me thou art a fine geh, and my church mind doesnt lie) heheheh Mehn bubba, confused is the only thing i know how to be oo.. Thanks a lot, i appreciate..

  2. Happy Birthday to Duru.....waddup dudette!...So I have had to attend that kinda class before and my!...I just sign the attendance and get the hell out......boredom literally makes me hallucinate....I mean...I see things happening that aint there...hehe

  3. vira ooo u wont kill me!!! happy birthday Duru wish u more years ahead n keep my cake for me ooo thank you........

    1. hehehehehehehe The cake still dey ooo.. I have been waiting patiently for your call. How are you? Thanks for the kind words Bubba. xx

  4. If I was in that class I'm sure I'd be like your colleague o..... Serious sleep o
    Happy birthday Duru, where's the venue for the turn up

  5. Hey swerrie. This your post made me laugh.
    How we go do that tape nah? Hehe.
    Anyway I am sure that the tape got people snoring and dozing sef so you are excused by default.
    Was the lecture that boring ni? Pele.
    I just tune out when I had to listen to long and dry lectures aka induction tins. Na chewing gum and water to the rescue. Unfortunately sleep no dey gree catch me for public.
    How u dey?

  6. Happy bday!

    I remember attending one boring lecture as well. Haha. I didn't know how I survived it.

  7. Wait oooo.. How come i missed this kinda ghen ghen post?? **Crying in french... Chei My life.. i am feeling like a total nittwit here ooo.. kai.. **Kneels down on the ground, please forgive me bubba. Thank you so much for the kind words Amazing Vira, I mean it made me smile so much and feel sincerely loved, as all i ever want in this life is to be loved, and that is what all of you guys constantly do to me on blogsville. You guys rock oh jari, I love you loads... In other news, talking about trainings, i was in one crazy training some hours ago, and the convener just kept talking with so much enthusiasm, about something nobori cared a hoot about. 5 minutes in mehn Bubba, i was dozing like a fowl on a sunny day. heheheh It was annoying, but we survived sha, and lived to tell teh testimoy of how boring it was. at a time ehn, all them peeps started taking pictures, i was just laughing. Thank you so much Vira, i appreciate the love. xx

  8. Aha Vira, god will judge you... sinceeeeeeee no new post. Diarisgodooooo.. Complements of the season Bubba, wishing you the very best.

  9. See me oh! Duru, there is a new post na.