Wednesday, 18 February 2015

So the selfie stick is really a thing?

Oh wow!
Yes, I have seen it on TV and read about it and now I have seen it with a friend.  
What do I think about the selfie stick? hmmmm... I don't know....I really don't know. But I have a question. Do people really love to take photos of themselves that much?!
Ok, so yeah, the selfie stick is really a thing.
As you were.


  1. Hello Vira!...Long time NO read from you lah?.

  2. Yes oh!! It is oh!! and its really #DoROMegaSupercool... My mentor Adebola Williams uses it a lot and i am even thinking of robbing a couple of people from Under Apogon bridge to go buy me a piece.. I refuse to be a :) Turn down for what?! Even if Vira writes only LOL as an update yeah, it will still excite me as she is ghen ghen like that... and the crowd goes Yyyyeeeaaahhh mehn! Cheers Bubba.

    1. Since 18th February! Hmmnnn **Singing.. In all this Disappearing all of you are disappearing for us ehn.. Diarisgoddoooo.. Issorait :( **Crying in Binary codes..

    2. February 18!! Chisos!!!! Vira!!!!!! A child born on the day you last updated bubba must have known by now which one he/she prefers, Breast milk or Peak milk.. Ahan nah Bubba! this is sooooo not fair.. **Crying in Spanish. Dont do us like this nah...

    3. AdongeRRit Vira, Mbok where are you?! Shey you know this is not fair sha.. Inshort.. if you dont want god to judge you 2 times ehhhnnn, you berra appear here ASAP like Rainterghost oH!!!

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  4. It's as real as it could be. :)

    I know it's weird. But being from the selfie capital of the world, I'm sort of not used to it anymore. People love taking photos of the places around them as background of a solo or group pic. Thus, the selfie stick was invented.