Saturday, 18 October 2014

Do You Know?

The proper way to pour a drink... You know those situations where you end up with sticky fingers cleaning up everywhere just over a glass of juice? It can be avoided.

Like seriously?
I'm usually in a hurry to get a hold of my money, why on earth would I spend so much time on a signature? I totally agree Lol "no money"


  1. damn!!!! who has time for that kinda signature? any hoo, it's my blogoversary today!! turn up

  2. that signature got me really rolling on the floor......LMAO......even Dangote signature no be life that


  3. Really? someone's signature looks like this....he has to be a broke ass to take this much time to sign. Hahaha. Hello mami. My 1st time commenting *dancing sitey*. I hope I'm welcome.

    1. Lmao @ he has to be a broke ass.
      You are very very very welcome oh!
      Thanks for stopping by.