Thursday, 16 October 2014

20 Random facts about me.

Hey people! How are we doing? The weekend is almost here!!! yay!
So I was tagged by FUNMI REESE and MS COOKIE to share 20 random facts     about and the first thing I thought was 20 ke? Do I know 20 random stuff about myself? Anyway, I decided to give it a try. Here we go...

 I have always had a thing for clouds. Yes, clouds. I always ask for a windowseat when ever I fly, just to stare at the clouds and fantasize. I have dreamed of touching them and holding a ball of clouds. So imagine my pain when I found out it was impossible to hold it. I still picture myself floating in clouds….some dreams never die.

   I pick out left handed people anytime, anywhere. I do not know why, let us just    say  I have a leftie radar. Hopefully, some day I will find out why.

      I love the colour green.     

       I am lactose intolerant. (TMI?)

   I do not like drinking water. I can actually go a whole day without            drinking      water. Yes, I know it is bad, I will do something about it.
               I hate my dentition. :( 

               I lurv me some Idris Elba.

         My grandma has 29 grandkids from 8 kids.
         Most people’s first impression about me is that I'm a snob. I think it is because I     do not smile a lot....thanks to the hated dentition.

         I have a headache right now….

 I       I have a love/hate relationship with my edges….not the type John Legend was           talking about, mine is with my hair. I love them, they hate me so I am almost bald         from the front. I     will like to blame that on badagry and Ghana braids.

               I like to think I am a bad arse dancer….in reality, I suck
         I wore glasses from primary 3 till I dumped them after my university.
              I had wanted to be a secretary when I grow up…..there is a story behind this          choice.
         I did my 2nd and 3rd ear piercings myself. Yea, I am bad arse like that.
         I am shit scared of lizards.
         I honestly didn't count so I don't know how many I have written.
        And with these random facts of mine, I believe I have been able to prove to you       that I am really just a boring somebody. 

         Now, I would like to tag ZOE, YOURS TRULYIMPERFECT MUSE and   all of       you reading this post. Please feel free to share at least one random fact about       yourselves with me.
         PS: I am also tagging my dear dear ajuwaya AMAKA. Tag along


  1. I love the fact that you love clouds that's really unique and WHAT!!! your 2nd n 3rd piercing mhen that's some sick shit rgt there!!!! thumbs up baddo!!!

    1. Yes to the clouds and did I not say I am bad arse?! hehehe....honestly, the first time I was still in secondary school and I had no idea where to go and get my ears pierced so I did it my self.
      The second time I was in Uni and I thought well, why not just do it myself again?

  2. Those piercing tho you should tutor me

  3. Girl! I think we are on the same boat on that water stuff....... do u believe that it's in the middle of the night when my throat is dry that I would remember that "omo you never drink water today o".......infact the truth is I can't finish half sachet of water. I do force my Sorry self to finish it.......***clear throat** you and this your idris elba, hmmmmmm... hehehehe

    1. It is at midnight that I also get to drink water. I think by then our bodies decide to protest? I have decided to make sure I drink a 75cl bottle of water everyday.
      oh, yes! Idris Elba for the win!!

  4. I hate drinking water tooo
    And you are not a boring someone
    Nice reading about you

    1. looks like we are many oh!
      please lets try to start drinking water. I hear it has a lot of health benefits.
      Thanks for reading about me. :)

  5. yay! she likes green like me #teamgreen. First time on your blog Vira

    1. Yay, first timer *welcome dance for you*
      yup, team green all the way.
      Please come again.

  6. your really bad arse..............two piercing yourself???
    Share the story behind the Secretary choice na?????

    1. Yup! I did them myself oh but the pain ehn?!
      Yea, I will share that story someday.
      How are you my darling?

  7. I love my big Head

  8. ehen? so nobody tagged me, lemme go and sulk in a corner *sad*
    That your dentition you don't like though *bats eyelashes* and erm, my hometown is Badagry not Badagary *smiles*

  9. Ah, sorry oh. Badagry. Lol, Cool now?

  10. Hey! VVSO. Where was I when all this random facts were being shared?
    Ok. Lemme go and read it again.
    Ehn ehn this one you are doing shakara with your grandmother. I am going to go and count how many mine has. Is it weird I don't know.
    How do you not love drinking water? If I am fasting the only thing I miss is water.
    How on earth did you do that piercing?Thats badass. I am going to want to see them when I see you. Wait oh! Its ears abi! lol.
    I love green too. Its my favorite.
    People used to think I was a snob so I started working extra hard at being the ice breaker when I meet new people or I am in the midst of people. It works most times.
    See as I write epistle.

  11. You seem like a fun kinda person Vira. Its nice how you are so accepting. But ehn... **wears straight face, we need to do something about this your annonymous state oooo.. :) iTrip but we want to see picture oooo. :)

    1. lol! ok, how about I reveal myself to you on some terms? Whatchu say?