Tuesday, 1 July 2014

End of the road for Naija....

I am definitely not a football fan (or of any sport at all) but I am sad my country is out of the world cup completion. Wouldn’t it have been nice if we made it to the finals? 

Imagine what it’d be like having the cup brought back to Nigeria. Hmmm I imagine every Nigerian would be happy, even I would be glad for my country and the players? Ah! They’d get houses, cars, more women, national honours, and bragging rights for the next 4 years.  

I never really watched a complete game because I don’t understand why I should sit for 90 minutes to watch grown men run after a ball. What exactly is the fun in that? Nah, football is not for me. But as a patriotic Naija girl, I sat through this last game against France and all I could think of was why Victor Moses’ hair looked unkept.  Nah, I don’t understand what his hair is about.

This brings me to a question I’ve been asking since the world cup started; what is going on with all them boys’ hair? Is it a taboo in the football world to carry a normal, clean hair cut? I have seen all kinds of hair styles on these people’s heads oh. A lot of them seem to love dreads, then there is the Mohawk and the funny colours? most of the styles, I don’t have names for and I am worried. I want answers please.

Ok, back to the matter, I am sorry my country lost out. Really, I am and I hope that we prepare and do better in other competitions. 

 *side bar* Dear Victor Moses, if you ever see this, I want you to know I make mean cornrows (weaving oh, didi plus igbira style join) and I will hook you up whenever you want. You are welcome.

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  1. Perhaps it's a need to stand out?! To have a distinct identity?! Rass I'd say!