Saturday, 26 July 2014

A day at the salon.

Nothing beats a day at the salon. Getting my hair did, mani, pedi, generally getting pampered and feeling like a madam at the top and completely forgetting whatever problems I may have carried into the salon. Ok quick confession, It isn’t all so rosy with 3 people tugging and pulling my 3” long hair. It pained oh. 

And the noise? They were chatting along and not giving a care that they were on my head. Makes me miss my short hair. I’ve been thinking of going back to my TWA after this biko. I cant deal.

Now, one thing i know you cannot take away from the average Nigerian salon is the gist. Lots of gist, then  there must be a nollywood movie playing (or gist about a Nigerian feem) and there is the occasional smelly armpit over your head while your hair gets washed.

While i was there, most of the gist was centered around Nkechi, Lily, Ugochi (all ladies I do not know) I learnt a little something about “that fine aunty wey get that red car” and that “one wey I no like bcoz she no dey give small kola” (kola ke? After she don pay for your services?)

There was a fight over wrapper and how who didn’t pay for it and "she collect the wrapper since last month oh" (for the purpose of this post, I call her oni gbese - thank you twitter). Meanwhile oni gbese was trying hard to defend her honor and even threatened to return the wrapper if "una no go allow pesin". I think she should have just explained why she couldn't pay for said wrapper but who asked me?

I also learnt that "Ogechi don born boy and her husband dey take care of her very well oh" and "Chisom sef don marry and she dey France" or was that Strands, the salon? *i need to focus* This one and “my guy say..., my guy come..., my guy this, my guy that…..” new love maybe? *Kermit pose*

New Chapter- The couple that just left; and all i can say is if the poor dude knew what would be said about coming with sisi to the salon, bros for no show oh, at all at all. but i think it was nice and a wee bit romantic even but again, who asked me?

Quiet time - Thanks to praise and worship on STV with Sinach and the glorious God guy. I should find out the name of the artiste.
This pedicure lady sha wan burn my feet sha.

I cried inside as my pack of orbit became empty in exactly 2.1 seconds. As if they were waiting for me to bring it out of my bag. *sigh*

At the end of the day, me sef my amedo is on a high scale right? Since I had my head phones, my laptop and my phone, I really didn’t have to listen but hey, what’s a day at the salon without listening to all the gist?

Disclaimer:  All the words in italics are not mine, i do not know or have i ever met Chisom, Nkech, Lily and Ogechi i do not know if they are married or are in France(strands?) and i do not know the anty with red car.


  1. I can relate,its gets better everytym too! Lol

  2. I agree that ur amebo is even worse than yours. Lol but those their gist ehn, one can't help but listen.

  3. That's a typical of day at d salon. Mk d hair fine o.

  4. Hahahaa! You really get how it goes down in salons. And yea, your amebo

  5. I think there is a spirit of 'take it all' around orbit. What else explains how pple rush to collect?

  6. Lol at oni gbese.

  7. Lols!!!!na so e dey be for salon

  8. Lols!!!!na so e dey be for salon

  9. Hi Vira?Hope the cough and sore throat is better?