Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The struggle to belong is real!

My people, the struggle to belong is real oh. See what babes are doing for 'likes' on instagram. How do you wake up one morning and decide to steal a picture and post as yours? Ah'ahn, whattapun na?

I don't understand this 'I gats to belong' attitude but hey, whatever raises their skirts. I am just here to observe and share with y'all. After-all, I wont be there to share in the shame when they are put on blast. 

Really sistah?


Have you seen the cause of my worry this morning? ok, as you were.


  1. Hiya Vira...It has really been a while....How's school going?....anyhoo.....I don't know why anyone would be possessed by the spirit 'to belong' when they are not done being themselves.....Until I figure that out, this will always look dumb to me...

  2. I don't understand why they hustle 'likes' oh... Is it that it will change to dollars at the end of the day??

  3. Maybe they had the same florist?!?!?!? ....ordered the present from the same shop and ordered pizza from the same eatery?!?!?!/ LOL!! U can never tell with these miracles..... LOL!