Saturday, 25 April 2015

Haba shonda Rhimes, what is this wickedness?!!

She killed Derek Shephard! *wailing*
McDreamy is gone! 
Shonda Rhimes, why?!!!! Rolling on the floor, screaming 
Oya, please just come and end it. What else is there to add to the drama? You've killed them all. 

I can't believe how much I cried after watching the 'killer' episode. I'd known he died before I watched *thanks to some spoilers *. Still, I wept. Bitterly. 


I think anty Shonda is all kinds of confused. Writing Scandal and other shows. 

Now she has left me with a pot-pourri of emotions. I hate her, I love how brilliant she is. And I hate her for killing McDreamy. Should have killed someone in Scandal instead jor...

I am sad.
Mer is all alone now. Shonda has killed her mother, her father, her sister, her soul mate is gone and now they've killed the love of her life. Kilode?! Has she become a nollywood writer?

I need time to grieve.
I need time to keep hating anty Shonda.
RIP, Dr. Derek Shepherd.
I've loved you from the beginning.
But hey, onto the next one. Right?!



  1. Oh gosh. The death of a beloved character. I know exactly how it feels. Grieve all you need.

    1. Someone who knows.... I'm still grieving.
      Thanks dear

  2. Hehehe....IKR! McDreamy is gone!

  3. Replies
    1. Seriously, I think I am done also.... Well, after the next episode. I don't 'see' anything else to look forward to.

  4. LOL!! Drama Queen!! Too many shows on TV. I keep on with Scandal and How to get away but murder but thought adding Grey's Anatomy to my 'to do' list was a bit too much. with the kind of drama you have just pulled, I'm tempted to get all the series and lie in one weekend and watch back to back.

    RIP Vira's darling Dr McDreamy....... LOL!!

    1. Hahaha.... Please ehn, just watch and you'll understand. Then we can talk. You might end up with more drama sef.
      Thanks for stopping by dear.

  5. huh?! aha?! Shuo?! Who are all these many many names above?! Who killed who?! Who died?! Shey there is no Police in the movie to arrest teh someboRRy ni?! Nawa oh! Inshort and inlong I dont Kuku know what to comment again.... hehehehe I have absolutely no idea who all these people and names are... But hey! heheheheheh May the soul of the "Killee" and "killer" rest in peace.. Hope they did Burial scene sha.. Issorait! The lord is with you.. Sha dont cry too much.. We dont want Flood in Nigeria **Winks... Hiya Vira.. my am i glad you are Back.. **Wears Cutest Mr Nigeria smile ever... :)

    1. @Duru - glad to know I'm not the lone wolf not yet into Greys anatomy...... LOL!