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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Shonda Rhimes!!!

Shonda finally did it.
Season 14 finale has to be the only finale that has had a happy, sunshiny, no cliffhanger, joyful ending. Somebody, pinch me!
So I was there half waiting for April to fall and die at the end.
Or maybe Emilia gets a seizure, Arizona's leg falls off or just maybe Jo runs away...
But Shonda let the angels sing hymns to her and she gave us a happy ending.
*wipes lone tear*
This was sooooo me at the end of the last 13 Seasons of Grey's 

Thank you Shonda Rhimes.
Thank you for not killing Arizona.
Thank you for not maiming Alex
Thank you for letting April go. Alive
Thank you for not killing Emilia during the surgery
Thank you for not sending Hunt to die at war
Thank you, Shonda for allowing Angel Gabriel speak to you....👼
I still wish she'd somehow bring Derrek back but then we all know her strenght lies in killing not raising. 
*rme* 🙄
straight face

Shonda is so brilliant. Did you know she is the creator of not just Grey’s Anatomy? she is also the creator of Private Practice
Station 19
How to get away with murder
Inside the box
Off the map...and she has also produced some movies.
Wakanda (i just had to) brilliance is this biko?
 And I’m here, too lazy to put up a blog post. *slaps self* .

I should look into channeling my inner Shonda,  I know I have something in there, I just have to work on bringing it out. And I know that all of us have something; passion, drive, desire to do something great, to be someone who could inspire even just one person. Or maybe just follow your passion and do what makes you happy.
You know how we do! feeling like a Dr by association *if you know, you know*😉😉

season 14 ended so well, first happy ending!
Season 15, we wait!


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Haba shonda Rhimes, what is this wickedness?!!

She killed Derek Shephard! *wailing*
McDreamy is gone! 
Shonda Rhimes, why?!!!! Rolling on the floor, screaming 
Oya, please just come and end it. What else is there to add to the drama? You've killed them all. 

I can't believe how much I cried after watching the 'killer' episode. I'd known he died before I watched *thanks to some spoilers *. Still, I wept. Bitterly. 


I think anty Shonda is all kinds of confused. Writing Scandal and other shows. 

Now she has left me with a pot-pourri of emotions. I hate her, I love how brilliant she is. And I hate her for killing McDreamy. Should have killed someone in Scandal instead jor...

I am sad.
Mer is all alone now. Shonda has killed her mother, her father, her sister, her soul mate is gone and now they've killed the love of her life. Kilode?! Has she become a nollywood writer?

I need time to grieve.
I need time to keep hating anty Shonda.
RIP, Dr. Derek Shepherd.
I've loved you from the beginning.
But hey, onto the next one. Right?!