Thursday, 14 August 2014

Should identities of quarantined persons be revealed?

So a Nurse who had contact with Mr. Sawyer fled the Ebola quarantine centre in Lagos and went to Enugu to visit her family? And reports say she has already had contact with about 20 people. 
Please how is this not wickedness and how does a person flee a quarantine centre biko? Just how? I don't get it and she is even a Nurse which means she understands the foolishness and wickedness in her actions. 

What if she tests positive to the disease? It means the family members she ran to meet will be at risk also. I am angry at her. It was a callous and stupid move she made.

Her actions have led to people asking for the identity of those being quarantined to be "exposed". Meanwhile
Presidential spokesman, Reno Omokri took to twitter to ask this: 

Well, with actions such as this, I would say a big fat YES but with that will come the stigma and even when such persons are declared ebola free, people will still run way from them.


  1. It might do more good than harm to reveal their identity.
    At least we know who has been where.
    I feel their major concern should even be ensuring that NONE of the quarantined people escape rather than the identity.
    Afterall that's how Sawyer escaped and messed everything up.
    P.S that mermaid pic is somtin else..i can't even look too closely.

  2. They should make it a crime to escape quarantine, and strengthen security there. Plus I don't understand why people would risk the lives of their so called "loved ones" by running to them after escaping quarantine. Me sha, I'll not go near anybody that escapes loved one or not, because they don't love me for coming to meet me while still being at risk of spreading the disease.