Monday, 25 August 2014

Confessions of a Sunday School Teacher....

I love kids, I love to play with them and have them around me. I love the sweet smell of babies, I love when they coo and want me to carry them. I always knew I was going to be a Sunday School teacher but somehow, I only got into it about 3 years ago mostly because I was clueless on what it took to be a teacher and didn't know where I would start from. I also didn't feel adequate enough to take on the position. 

Then there was the decision of what class to teach. You see, I am not really the 'teacher teacher' type. I know the kids will easily stand on my nose and maintain balance so i knew teenage class wasn't my place. I thought about the intermediary class and nah,  no reason really because by then, i knew the baby class was the place for me. 
Funny thing is I think the baby class is the 'hardest' class to teach. That was totally ok with me because I love love love love me them babies just don't poo on me. That is my only condition. Yea, i know my love is supposed to be unconditional but na bottom box i dey wear go church so I am sure they understand. My class is made up of kids from age 0-6ish.  This, in my opinion is the craziest class to be 'teach' as more care giving than actual teaching happens here. We have those that cry from the beginning of service till the end. We have the constant "anty i want to weewee" group, the "i want to eat wise" "i want water" and those that just want me for the sweets and biscuits that i always have. You see, their love is conditional too so we are even.

Now, the day i knew this was my true calling was the day a child puked on my new red *bottom* shoes and i wasn't even angry. That day, I knew i was born to do this *I believe it was the day i got my cape* and i knew I was ready to be a mother! I actually cleaned the little fellow up without looking twice at my shoes! Normally, I would have cleaned my new shoes after i send for the mother. Emphasis on new here please.

The joy that come with being a Sunday school teacher has no bounds.....We always get to eat birthday cake and caprisone. I feel this pride when I see these kids growing and actually learning and not just eating my biscuits. My absolute favorite is when they run to me, just to give me a hug and run right back to whatever they were upto. That makes me happy i chose to do this. 
 And when the babies i have carried, fed, played with, wished i could drop and run away sometimes turn one and begin to walk around, i feel proud of myself because even if it is just twice in a week i get to do this, i feel like i have helped a mother in some way.
There are also days these kids make you want to smack them! When they just wont listen, they wont keep quiet and the boys wont stop running around and i get kind of frustrated. Despite this, I think I am a pretty cool Sunday School teacher even if i say so myself as i have had parents come to me to say "weldone" "thank you". Really, what else can I ask for? After all, i enjoy what I do. I am glad i had a strong support system when i became a teacher, I met other teachers who have been dedicated to the kids, who were willing to show me the way. They welcomed me and helped me become the teacher I am today and for this, I am thankful.

I think the only thing that will be cooler than being a sunday school teacher is being a mom. Something I cant wait to be and I cant wait till I take my little pumpkins to Sunday School where they will learn about the love of Christ, listen to stories from the Bible, learn to manifest themselves in songs and dance and maybe even puke a little on a teacher too.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalm 127:3


  1. Awwww.... dats really nice cos I kw first hand hw kids in dat age group can be a pain somtyyms,its a great calling! kip it up.

  2. dear u. Are really prepearing urself for d future. Tking kia of children is nt an aesy task. God will strengthen u my dearr.

  3. Sweet..... babies babies babies

  4. I can totally relate even tho I cnt say my passion is as strong as urs. Used to be an assistant kindergarten teacher and yes they can be adorable.

  5. Awww! Thats so sweet. It takes someone with a a whole lot of love and patience to stand a large number of kids at once.Me! I cant teach 0-6 years.let me not lie. Cos I no get that patience.But I love kids sha and teaching generally.