Monday, 30 November 2015

Ghen Ghen...

The moral of the story you are about to read is this: Do not gossip!!!! especially if it is not gossip you can defend and not look stupid for being involved in.

Now, the story.....My colleague, 'Stiii and I gossiped and an alakoba mentioned it. Well, as 2 sharp people, we communicated quick enough and came up with a correct, air tight defence and all is well with the world again. #whew

See ehn, this is why I prefer not to indulge in gossip oh. Even though this person did this thing and we  all talked about it casually, it almost came to bite our a@&%. Honestly, our defence wasn't even tight enough. But we immediately owned up to it and there was the fact that what happened was not a lie so the pressure was still on the 'doer' and not me and 'Stii; aka the clearing and forwarding officers.

After THIS happened to me sef, I don't know why I went to put my mouth and ear in this talk. Better for me to continue to piim my mouth this one that I always get caught, I know for sure that gossip is not part of my calling biko.



  1. and hope you are back for good this time?


    1. Oh, yes! I am back. Hopefully. #fingerscrossed

  2. Lool see, there is this male colleague that always comes to my desk to gossip and because I don't reply, he thinks I'm proud. But then, because I don't belong to any group at work too, they all think I'm proud but hey, I no fit shout abeg.

  3. Hian! Vira of life.. Biko beRRa dont goan talku talku the one that will put you in Gobe of life oh! :) Hiya Bubba.. Welcome back Nne.. Its been a minute oh!!