Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Blog crush!

I heard about her sometime back but only visited her blog yesterday and I fell in Love!
I love how she loves God!
Oh my! going through her blog dug up a hunger in me. The way she loves God makes me want to love Him even more.

Best part is she is a worshipper. I love worship. I know praise is important but I am a worshipper. I love to worship and I love worshippers!

I read her story, looked at myself and I just knew I had no reason not to look up to the Master through good and bad times. And she writes and sings her songs!

So, here goes....my blog crush is...

~~~~~~~~~~Drum Roll~~~~~~~~~

I am still exploring the site and I keep falling in love with Gloryyah.
I'll always, always say a prayer for her. You'll understand if you check about me  and you'll see worship in a different light when you read her take on Worshipping from a Place of Pain

Dear Gloria, if you ever get to read this, I want you to know I love you and thank you for stirring up the thirst for true worship in me once more. I came across your blog at the time I really needed it. Thank You and I look forward to worshipping with you at the Master's feet someday....
I love You.



  1. Hi Vira. Gloryyah/Gloria here:) A common friend sent me the link to this blog post. I'm so excited to read that my blogs are achieving their goal of inspiring worship in the hearts of people. Thanks. I look forward to meeting you soon.
    p.s. Gloryyah is spelt with double 'y' and not double 'r'.....think the GLORY of YAHweh :-)

    1. Yay!!!!
      Thank you soooooooo much for visiting my blog.
      Noted and corrected the spelling, thank you for pointing it out.

      I can't wait to meet you.
      Thank you.

  2. Oh wow! how nice.. There is no beRRa feeling than inspiring someone to be Better and do more of a good thing.. Great work to Gloria for doing this.. Weldone Vira.. Thank you for sharing Nne... Cheers.

    1. You know this! My dear confused one. Oya, go and check out her blog. There is something for you, I am sure.

    2. Oooooohhh! Vira!!! Ya af start again eh! Where are you nah?!

  3. Visiting your blog crush. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Time to go check out her blog.
    Howdy Vira?