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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

For this, I am thankful!

I have been thinking about doing a #30daysofthanks challenge for a while now, in which I would write one thing (or more) that I am thankful for till the 30th day. But for some reason, I have been pushing it. Not that there aren't a million things I am thankful to God for everyday, but I am jut lazy face palm. God has been faithful to me and mine no doubt and while I am not ready for the #30daysofthanks challenge yet, I am thankful everyday and this morning, after thanking God for life, I found something I am thankful for.
I left home like this.
Today, I am glad I am from the North. Because...well, you know...I no get choice that is how I know this thing I found and I am thankful for. I am thankful because this morning, I felt pure joy! I still feel it in my fingers and in my toes  I am beyond happy, I am exceedingly pleased. I have been smiling. My people, I am happy and grateful to God for tuwo da miyan kuka! *cue in Pharell's Happy song*

I got to the office like this!
Wait! I am not talking about any Tuwo da miyan kuka but dumamen Tuwo da miyan Kuka. Yes! This morning, I am most grateful for dumamen tuwo da miyan kuka mai daddawa da naman kaza. I didn't mind  running late for work at all as that meal was worth having my name down for late coming. 
This is just because, well, Happy and thankful!!!!

The problem now is that full blown itis has set in. Well, who wouldn't be sleepy after loading tuwo before 9am? I need to get chewing gum. That should help me stay awake in this office or coffee maybe?
Me right now.

I am still happy in my heart now though and I believe my tummy is just as happy. Nothing is gonna take that away from me. This I know!! Oh, I am thankful for who ever saw the baobab tree and decided it would be ok to dry the leaves, grind or pound them and make soup with. And the person that thought "what if we add daddawa and mai'n shanu?" I am thankful to him/her also. But the person that thought about daddawa sha.....weldon ehn?!

                                                             Tuwo da miyan Kuka.
Tuwo da miyan kuka....not the one I ate sha.