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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Keeping Secrets....

The Merriam-webster dictionary defines a secret as a fact or piece of information that is kept hidden from other people. That is clear enough right? So, do you have secrets? Can you keep a secret? How do you determine what should be kept secret? Who determines that? Is a secret only considered a secret if the person sharing says "don't tell anybody oh". What if it is something that could cause harm? Would you spill?

Personally, I am good at keeping secrets and sometimes I wish I didnt know half of what I know. Trust me, it is hard to keep a secret especially if it would make for correct juicy gist with your bestie. I am sure you know what I mean.

One of those better gist moments got me a thorough beating behind the intro tech  lab in my JSS 1. In my school, when you hear of a fight or beat-down behind the intro tech lab, you know shit had hit the ceiling mhen! And it becomes gist for days or maybe the whole term even.

So, here is what happened, I heard this juicy tale about one of my friends and well I did not know it was a secret so I shared. Innocently if i might add, hmmmm that is how I was lured to that dreaded intro tech lab oh and before I knew it, I was answering questions. Some serious "who told you?" "who did you tell?" "who asked you to tell anybody?" then a major punch was thrown in and another, and another. Those girls beat me ehn?!

I was like this for over a week
I was confused as the person that told me was right there also asking me questions. I was in shock that day and the odds were against me because I only went to the school in the second term (which is why I did not know about the lab, I would have refused to go with them) and those girls already had a bond right from the first term. So, guess who the bad guy was. Yup, it was me.
I became sort of an out cast for a few days before all went back to normal. But that is a day I will never forget. Guess what? I am still friends with most of the girls till today. I often feel tempted to ask if they remember that day or if they realized I was innocent but for some reason, none of us ever mentions that day.

Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson since then. I learned to pimp my mouth if I am not asked. I learned the act of keeping secrets. I cannot afford to get another beating in my life biko. The embarrassment has not faded away yet, I cant go and be adding more to it.