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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Life As An Identical Twin

Hi guys! Today we have our first ever lifeasvira blog guest writer! (wohoooooo!)I am sooooo excited that some one actually found this blog cool enough to write for.

Still giddy with excitement but I have to move along right? I have a question to ask. Here goes....have you ever wished you were something you are not and you know you will never be? I have.  I have always wished I had a twin sister. An identical twin with whom I could be all kinds of mischievous with. I keep imagining how I would even set her up on days she annoys me or just for the heck of it. 
I would be the one laughing
Well, it turns out I can never be a twin so I am praying really hard to have twins. Identical baby girls who I will play dress up with all the time and get to show off.

Our guest today has written all about life as a twin and I am so jealous because she is living the life I dream about.

This is her story....Living life as an identical twin...

So, I have this one basic deja-vu and it's the people asking me the same old question... Are you Mercy or Goodness... It happens like all the time, that's because I'm one of the luckiest to be a twin.
My name is Mercy Ayorinde and my twin sister Goodness is my mirror image. I'm an identical twin (so people think) supposedly born from the same zygote, so everything about us genetically is alike i.e physical appearances, mentality and even voice. My whole life has revolved around us being co-dependent. I have the privilege of having two soul mates: one before marriage(my twin sis) and the one after marriage(my spouse)...ridiculous isn't it?... I know that too. I basically live her life and she lives mine. Many people can't spot the difference so they call us Goodness and Mercy, some don't even care to know the difference coz they've tried their best. We feel very happy when one of our friends finally spots the difference coz the person must have paid much attention. But Goodness and I don't really care coz this mistake has been made so often.
We've had loads of funny, crazy, annoying, awesome and awkward moments including sad and unfortunate moments. We always argue about who's older. Well, I came out 60mins after her(its not my fault she came out too early), so whenever people ask who's older,she says she is and so do I "yorubalically, I'm the older one since they say I sent her to come take a look at the world (as if they were in the womb with us) but ideally she's the older one. But we don't care coz 60mins isn't such a big deal.... Is it?...*winks*
There was a time we slept soooooo deep that we fell from the bed, rolled under the bed that everyone in the neighbourhood was looking for those "thick headed girls" but couldn't find us. While they were preparing to go to the police station, my brother entered the room to pick his shoe from under the bed then he saw those crazy girls snoring in a silent mode with hands and legs on each other 'crashing'!... It was an unforgettable experience.

Recently, she attended a class for me while I was making my hair. When I was done, she went out of the class then I entered, no one except a few people noted this and sometimes I use her ID card (shhhhhh.... it's a secret, I know it is wrong). I have had countless people come up to me with a dreamy look in their eyes saying I wish I were a twin, I'd love to have someone my age to play with (we always feel very important whenever we hear that).
Sometimes, it's quite embarrassing when people make such a big deal about us being twins. But most times, if people ask us questions it's really hard not to laugh. Some people be like "if I punch u, will she feel it?" (duh?!) And we're like we don't know... Do u want to give it a try? Sometimes they say are you really a twin or you just went to put on a different colour of clothes? (really?)

Now this is one of the annoying moments, while we were in secondary school, our discipline master gave me 3 strokes of cane all because he couldn't differentiate. After I finished crying, he was like "it's all the same thing". So much for being a twin.

Imagine shouting loud enough, almost waking the whole neighbourhood on Sunday morning, just because she wants to wear the skirt and blouse and I want to wear the gown...imagine delaying the hair dressers because she wants a side parting and I want all back... Imagine people saying your twin sis is finer than you *sad face*... Imagine talking on phone with your twin sis and people be like her boyfriend is making her laugh... Imagine sharing all ur friends with your twin sis (they are automatically her friends sef).
There are times we finish off each other's sentences and most times know what the other is thinking but there are differences. Sometimes, we act differently at extreme opposite ends of the scale... She's outgoing and I'm shy... I think I'm more emotional than she is *yay!* Sometimes, the littlest quarrel turns out to be a massive fight in which no one separates us (not even our parents) coz we would turn the aggression on you.

We have this mentality of having a boyfriend at the same time... We kinda have the same taste in guys and have a crush on the same guy(quite pointless). We want to get married on the same day, in the same venue, at the same time... Worst of all(probably best) having the same sex and number of kids at the same time.

On our birthday(November 20) its's always about us, I've never had the experience of it being all about me. Thank God we get the same type of gifts.
But despite our craziness, I always know she's got my back, I never felt alone or lonesome... I always feel the closeness with her that can't be replicated in any kinda friendship with anyone, not even my elder ones. Having a twin is like having a shadow that will never leave you... But right now we're feeling a tiny sense of loss coz it seems like we're not as identical as before.

So, there you have it. A little bit of Ayorinde Twinzteenz and yeah! We do wear same clothes, shoes and accessories-it's funky!
You see why I wish I had a twin? Still jealous.....
Do you have any questions for Mercy? Please ask.