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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Do Mermaids really exist?

I just read about South African President, Jacob Zuma and the 2 mermaids that were found in a pool in his house. I was more interested in how he got them than why he has them at all.  I began to wonder if they really exist and this  led to an argument in my office as my colleague says he does not believe they do. Na him sabi.

Well, Disney has told me that they do and Disney also made me understand that they are oh so pretty, with long, lovely hair and figures to die for but these Oga Zuma's own are not fine at all.  Help me see Oga Zuma's mermaids--------------------------------------------->

Disney Mermaids. See the difference? The only thing I can see almost  in common is the hair but Oga Zuma's own weren't taking care of theirs. No salon for SA? So I ask, who is lying? 

Has Disney been lying to us or did Zuma get old, washed out mermaids? They look like what I imagined Grendel's mother would have looked like before I saw the movie Beowulf. I want to know because I don't like being deceived oh! I must get to the root of this but for now, I will refer to Oga Zuma's own as Mami water while Ariel and her Disney friends remain mermaids.

I have made no attempt to agree or deny their existence, all I want to know is where the heck he got these   ugly mami water them from because I think he got cheated. He should go back and get the fine fine ones abeg.