Friday, 4 December 2015

Awesome Tattoos!

I love tattoos and no, I will never get a permanent one. For 3 reasons
a. Leviticus 19:28.
b. Momma will scratch it off with a rake or something worse.
c. I cant stand pain.

Because of the reasons above, I became a huge henna fan. I love me some henna. Henna is the quick, painless and washes off in a week or so.
I would have loved to have an infinity sign on my inner wrist. Maybe with The Half's initials somewhere. We know I cant have it so....... If you have a tattoo, please tell me about it. Why did you go for it? Was it painful? Do you regret having it? Tell me bout it.

Image result for infinity tattoos on wrist
love this!


I'll totally love to have this.



  1. I almost got one when I was still wild. Two of my friends did, one had to wear only pants for a very long time while the other one realised too late that the temporary tattoo was permanent after all, started scrapping her hand and neck with blade. She has scars all over now

  2. "Was it painful?"

    heheheheh Ehen! Vira toh Sure! It wasnt painful oh! it was sweet :) lmao How are you Bubba?! Missed you Much oh :(