Wednesday, 29 July 2015

For the Yang to my Grey....

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On this day, many many many many many many many  years ago, an ajebota was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She was called Maryam. News of the birth brought joy to Garkuwa, in Hadejia; Jigawa state. Her cheeks were like oyibo puff puff. She was such a cute little thang.....

Then she grew up.

And became my PERSON, my bestie...(You see, she did shishigi to gain that spot in my life.... but that is story for another day.)   

Oh, then she moved to Lagos and became an agbero *wipes lone tear*
In case you are wondering, her cheeks are now like regular puff puff.

Today, I wish my person God's love always.

I pray that your days be long
I pray you find happiness, true happiness
May you sneeze glitter 
May you farts smell like cinnamon 
May you find peace in all you do
May you never cease to laugh at yourself when you have to
May you find your forever love soon

I'll break every rule for you today. For you, I twerk.

Happy Birthday to my Bestie of life
Ore mi atata
Ore mi toh bahd
Abgero toh sure
Yoghurt maker toh quality

I know that He who began a good work in your life is faithful to complete it.
Have yourself a very very very very special day filled with everything your heart desires and may all your birthday wishes come true.

You are the Yang to my Grey
I love you wujiga wujiga
I love you to the moon and back
I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow


I cant stop twerking...
That's my friend, 
thats my bestfriend...
You berra
Cz she's my bestfriend 
*twerk twerk twerk*


  1. Oh!! This brought me to tears.......the things I would love to say I can't, but they will be precious in my thoughts!! Maryam, the person I REFUSE to be related to or to be friendzoned! U r celebrated Today but I celebrate u everyday and wish good thoughts for u, for us!! OK not to get too emotional, let me end by saying ; may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the arse of the person who f*#ks up ur day and may his/her arms grow too short to scratch!! Happy birthday luv!!

  2. hehehehe I could literally hear a voice in my confused 23 years 8 months and 17 days head as i read along.. Happy Birthday to Your friend.. You both must be very close eh.. cause this kinda post ehn!! It is deep gan! many happy returns to her and may GOD almighty shower and embarrass her with his blessings... Vira sheybe you know that part of the Bible that goes..."My cup runneth over?!" Well.. I pray that that will be confession from today and forevermore about GOD'S blessings on her life... Happy Birthday Maryam... Biko Where the parrY at oh! It haf kuku Tey since i Rocked at paRRy oh! Biko.. e fun mi address.. hehehe How are you Vira?! Nice to have you Fully back on Blogger... I still wish i had you on Instagram sha.. **Crying in Spanish ...

    1. Thank u Duru! Party dey lag, u dey show?

  3. Ameeeeeennn ooooo! Happy birthday to my darling sister. May u God grant u all ur heart's desires and much much much much much more.....cos u deserve it all- joy, peace, happiness, contentment, Allah's blessings, favours n mercies, and loads n loads n loads a LOVE. If i may borrow Vira's words- may u find ur FOREVER LOVE soonest... Love u loads sis! Have fun on ur day.

  4. Awwwww! Happy birthday my namesake. May God Almighty bless you today and always!!!!!!

  5. Awwww isn't this sweet. So much for friendship. Meanwhile Sanch we appreciate that you just decided to act right and bask in the thoughts for me I love you Maryam my boo my "life time". Happy birthday and wishing you more years in grace and favour.

  6. Happy Birthday to a hot crazy sexy Maryam.

  7. Happy birthday!!!
    *twerk twerk twerk *

  8. hbd Yang.... u n this Greys anatomy self vira


  9. James I read u but......that's it!!! Boo, Bae, etc r just mere words here!!

  10. Oho dai Sanch... your words are meaningless like a wizkid song...! just dance and forget your intentions

  11. Lmao!!!! I c this beef is still strong!! Make i sip dat lipton de watch!!

  12. Basking and blushing!

  13. Awww! Must be true friendship... wish her more blessed years. Amen

  14. HBD. And may God bless your new age bountifully. with blessings and favours.Amin.

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  16. Happy birthday to your bestie